Privacy Policy

Based on (523/99) 10§

Registry keeper


Koiramäki 10

33960 Pirkkala


Business ID: 2420195-8

Name of the Register

Selia customer register.

Purpose of The register and personal Data processing

Personal data is collected by contact form or by order form and is saved and held in Selia customer register.

The registry keeper uses the personal data of customers or potential customers for the following purposes: customer relationship management and development, marketing products, contacting customers (unless told not to). Contacting by contact form can also be done anonymously. Selia customer data is confidential and will not be passed to outside parties. Customers should always be careful and attentive when using web-shop.

We also use regularly following partners



-Google (email)

Selia never ask or save information about

-bank accounts

-credit cards

Information held in register

The personal data file contains information given when making a purchase or when contacting with contact form: name, email, phone number, postal address.  When making a purchase, we also save purchase history. Email saves contact history and reclamations. Selia does not save any unnecessary or old information.

Regular sources of information

Persona data is collected only from contact forms and from order forms and is not collected from any other sources unless asked. Business to business relationship can be made with email and those information given in email are saved with customers (business owner) permission.

Regular releasing of information

Information may be released to authorities as required in finnish legislation. Information is also released when customer asks for his/her own information.

Securing the register

The register is collected in databases, which are protected by firewalls, passwords and other technical means. Data forms are in locked and guarded premises and can be used only by authorized persons.

Rights of inspection

In Finnish law, section 26 of the personal data act gives customers the right to inspect the information held about them. Written and signed inspection request should be sent to the following address:


Koiramäki 10

33960 Pirkkala


Right to demand correction

Registry keeper will correct, delete or refill personal data if needed. You can ask this or we can do it by ourselves if information is used in illegal or forbidden way.  Contact by email or by post Selia Koiramäki 10 33960 Pirkkala if your data needs to be updated.

Other rights

Registered customer can prohibit his/her information to be used the way described in this privacy policy.